What feels like worlds ending, thought left in the past.

Sticky like glue, memories built, for to last.

Energy created, can not be destroyed.

Techniques to replace, must be steadfastly employed.

Choreographing, a new set of rules.

Collecting together, well functioning tools.

Changing the destiny, past wants reclaimed.

But the power of present, jumps track from the pain.

Though the way may seem bumpy, it’s only unknown.

Stay the course, on the path, and the way will be shown.

April 6, 2015




How many moments have I been missing,

In the moaning and the pissing?

Days and months repressing tears.

Decades lost, eluding fears.


Casting shadows, cloudy days.

Deflected brightest, shining rays. 

Corners most appealing then.

Acting as the age of ten.

Stunted at first sight of ease.

Turning inside out, to please.

Patterns hid my heart and soul.

Disallowed both dream and goal.

Crow flys through and calls to me.

Tallest mountain, highest tree.

Shows me what I really am.

Claims my time is now at hand. 

March 14, 2015



Purpose that I used to walk, has vanished into air.

Who am I, definition lost, without a cross to bear?

Do I have a gift to give, a talent sitting still?

Will it simply manifest, or will it take my will?

Is the sitting still my fate, the jewel that stands disguised.

Uncertainty and mystery, unknowingness, the prize.

Blessed with only now to know, gives meaning to each note.

Dances to the sounds I hear, without the tune I wrote.

Mirrors cracked and shaken, fell like petals to the ground.

What I saw as loss of face, a better one I found.

Alone with nothing, everything lost.

To keep it was the highest cost.

For had I stayed upon the track. 

There would have been no looking back.

And had I not have paused to see,

The I, that caused my misery.

There would have been no me to find.

Untouchably bound and intertwined.

Loosely holding on today.

Allows me now to find my way. 

And though that purpose seems long gone.

Each day, I sing a new found song.


March 18, 2015



Expanse of the ocean, rolls soft at my feet.

Feeling alone I stare down with defeat.

Rhythm and rhyme, I am doomed to repeat.

If I stay on this ground, in belief that I’m beat.

Trembling, knowing how small I appear.

Restless my stance, as I know God is here.

Wanting connection, a call I can hear.

A promise remembered. Relief from all fear.

As vast as It is, I’ve got nothing to say.

In the sand I collapse, from exhaustion I lay.

Counting my blessings, to be here today. 

Numbness remaining, how long will it stay?

I grind myself into the sand, so I feel.

Pressing the granules, a certain appeal.

My body alive, in the midst of surreal.

Grounded at once, it’s assuredly real.

Dirty with sea dirt, it soothes every pore.

Digging in deeper, my spirit does soar.

Nothing is better, to soften my core.

Forever right here, and I’d still want for more.

Walking away, solace rendered me still.

Now open and ready, to follow Your will. 

March 26, 2015